About Performance Resources Consulting, LLC

Performance Resources Consulting, LLC (PRC) is a Management Consulting and Business Process Improvement firm based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The firm provides a wide array of professional services including strategic planning and leadership assessments and development, executive coaching, HR compliance and quality and process improvement resources.


To partner with client organizations providing realistic business IMPACT solutions. By continually reducing consultant dependency we seek to exceed client expectations and to increase our strategic partnership.

The PRC Difference

Everybody, consulting firms included, claim they are different because they provide better quality, the best price, special approaches, responsiveness, great credentials, and a focus on the client. DUH, everybody does this stuff, that’s NOT DIFFERENT! When we see mission statements that ooz this stuff we puke because, who WOULDN’T say they focus on “customer service, excellence, value, quality, and approaches that meet the needs of the market”? That doesn’t provide your client with an advantage, it’s not different, it’s the SAME as every company out there!

Where we strive for real difference:

Unique Qualification: Ted is the only six sigma blackbelt, PHR, and ROI combined certified consultant in the WORLD!

Practical: Most consultant’s offer only theoretical knowledge. They could not, and have not, ever actually had to LEAD or implement difficult decisions in a business. Most could not handle the jobs of the people they supposedly are trying to train! Ted has owned multiple businesses and has worked at every level from line production to executive.

Simple: No magic, straightforward solutions designed to be put in the hands of the client…not ongoing consulting dependent magic.

Brutal Honesty: Ask any client, they consistently rate us the most candid and direct of any advisor they’ve ever had. We do it in Love, but it’s often not easy.

Innovative: We have developed products for our clients that have never been developed. Our solutions are customized, we are not a firm primarily offering off-the-shelf theory and concept.

Leadership: Combined with innovation, we consistently lead both industry thought and market approach as well as serve in leadership capacities.

Guaranteed: We offer every client to change our invoice to what they feel is right if we fail to deliver the agreed upon deliverable. In 1000’s of engagements we’ve had one client write $500 off on bill!