Ted Garnett

Ted Garnett

President and Founder

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Ted Garnett is the author of AccountaCution: Accountability Into Execution and co-author of Build the Culture Advantage: Deliver Sustainable Performance with Clarity and SPEED! as well as the content editor of the corporate training video NO EXCUSES: Foundations for Accountability, Ethics, and Values. He is the President of Performance Resources, a business process improvement firm and People Statements/Culture Matters, a Differentiating Culture Advantage Firm.

A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, Ted holds a BA Degree in Business Administration: Human Resources and Business Communications. He is certified in Return On Investment and his Firm is partnered with the ROI Institute founded by world-renowned ROI experts Jack and Patti Phillips. Ted is also certified as a Professional in Human Resources by the National Society for Human Resources Management. Ted is certified at the Six Sigma Blackbelt level in Business Process Improvement through the University of Texas School of Engineering.

Prior to founding his Firm, Ted was employed in private industry in senior manager and executive HR positions. He was also a Manager of the Consulting Practice for the nation’s 5th largest consulting Firm, McGladrey & Pullen, LLP. His background includes over a decade of business consulting with clients ranging in size from various small companies to Fortune 500 companies (John Deere, General Electric, Firestone, NCS Pearson, Colorado State University, FCA, etc.) with a focus on accelerating profitable business results.

Over the past 20 years Ted has been engaged by many senior corporate executives and front line managers who have enrolled in his executive coaching program to accelerate their results and their personal professional development.

Ted’s awareness of the strategic importance of Human Capital Management, and ability to translate these issues to bottom line business planning creates an approach well accepted by management decision makers. Ted brings to the table a refined expertise in organizational development/training, business process improvement and tracking, performance measurement & evaluation, employee benefits, and HR policy & legal issues. His background in high-turnover industries lends strength to his work in developing/delivering effective training, strategic business planning, employee relations, organizing recruitment and retention strategies, and culture process improvement. As a generalist, he is familiar with the broad spectrum of effective business impact planning and implementation, from technical/tactical to global.

Ted has been an adjunct professor of Human Resources Management, a lecturer for the University of Iowa Business School and serves on the Faculty of the Graduate School of Banking and also the ROI Institute in conjunction with Villanova University. Ted’s awareness of the strategic importance of Human Capital Management combines with his ability to translate these issues to the bottom line creating a unique approach well accepted by management decision makers across the country.

He is a consistently requested national keynote speaker on organizational development topics earning “highest rated speaker” honors several times. Ted’s approach favors direct and candid assessment about results orientation… and implementation that will drive Execution and Return on Investment.

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