Assessment and Benchmarking Resources

Performance Resources Consulting LLC, provides you with the ability to get valuable information about your personnel the use of this fifth generation technology. Finding the right people, training them, motivating and retaining them is an ongoing challenge. In the world of work, employees are like the oil in a finely tuned machineā€¦ or they can be like sand! Successful organizations utilize these tools to determine, early on, which employees are the right fit to accelerate their competitive results. With the PRC integrated hiring-management-development approach you can optimize employees’ professional growth to spur the corporation’s effectiveness and, ultimately, your profitability!

What this service addresses:

  • High Turnover
  • Defining and Retaining Top Quality Employees
  • Developing Effective Teamwork
  • Improving Communication
  • Identify keys to Recruiting Management
  • Identifying Performance Attribute Requirements
  • Improving Conflict Resolution

The benefits of this service are to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce Cost of Advertising


“Performance Resources Consulting has provided our team with a valuable set of tools to use as we learn what it takes to work together to achieve our goals and objectives. The team activities and leadership classes have been key to our division’s success and momentum during this past year. We hope to keep the momentum going and we appreciate what PRC has done for Omega Cabinetry.”

– Billie Jo Timm, Business Support Director, Omega Cabinetry