Competency Assessments

Competency assessments can be more valuable than personality profiles, although they can be utilized together very effectively. Performance Resources offers the following in leadership assessments:

Leadership Competency Using 120 multiple-choice questions, Knowledge for Leaders measures what you know (and need to know) about effective leadership behavior.

Teams Assessment determines what your employees know about effective team skills and behaviors, and can help make sure that all the employees have the tools and skills necessary to perform well within the team dynamic.

360 Degree Reviews This multi-rater assessment tool lets you collect confidential feedback from supervisors, direct reports, peers, and customers to identify your strengths and needs as perceived by those with whom you work.

DISC, LLQ, Corporate Culture Assessed The Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire, in use since 1987, remains the most comprehensive, valid, and reliable tool for assessing the knowledge of supervisors and managers relating to key leadership skills.

Financial Skills Competency is a multiple-choice questionnaire designed to measure your knowledge of the finance and accounting principles needed for effective decision-making within organizations.