Return on Investment

In today’s cost-conscious environment, departments have to convince their chief executive officers and boards of directors that various expenditures will translate into real results. The decision-makers want and need to know: Would your organization like to know if their $$$ spent on say, a leadership development, or a diversity awareness program, or a process improvement, or a recruiting strategy MADE money or lost it…and if it lost it how can you redesign so it makes money. Would your organization like to be able to show this bullet proof, data driven approach to the CFO or CEO? How would they respond if your program was a 70% ROI but their corporate investments are at 13%…would they increase your budget? Consider you more of a strategic player? Think you speak their language? Will the gains brought by the solution outweigh its costs–and by how much? One way to answer such questions is by calculating the return on investment (ROI).

What this service addresses:

  • Looks at the strategic business plan and assesses the extent to which the business unit is aligned with the organization to achieve business goals and objectives.
  • Recommends strategies for aligning the business unit with the rest of the organization to achieve business goals.
  • Measures ROI, through the implementation of data collection and measurement cycle processes.

The benefits of these sessions are to:

  • Eliminate chaos from your training efforts
  • Set the direction and tone for getting results
  • Align your department with business goals and objectives
  • Bring reason, cohesiveness and clarity to your priorities
  • Monitor the progress of your organization in achieving its goals while measuring the ROI from a training, and performance standpoint.