Six Sigma

Strategic Business Process Improvement

Performance Resources Consulting, LLC utilizes a unique and innovative approach to exceptional business performance that incorporates Six Sigma process improvement methodology within a focused, large/small-scale transformation of your organizational culture and Human Resources Development. Our Six Sigma consultations will guide you from strategic cross-functional development through the implementation of fundamental changes throughout your organizational culture to breakaway results in your specific processes.

What this service addresses:

  • Helps to identify what is critical to your customer
  • Identifies root causes to organizational inefficiencies
  • Helps reduce error rates in work processes
  • Helps improve communication and teamwork through sharing of ideas, problems, successes, and failures
  • Delivers potential cost reductions, increased efficiencies, and sustainable improvements in your team’s ability to produce with speed and increase shareholder value

The benefits of this service are:

  • Expands knowledge of products and processes through characterization and optimization
  • Decreases defects the cycle time
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Generates business growth and improved profitability

However, these results require the ultimate in top management support and are truly for those who wish to compete and thrive in the marketplace instead of just surviving. This extensive service is for the PEAK Performance-minded only.